pricing policy

How much?


Every job we do is bespoke. We want to create something that is right for you. As such we cannot say a website will cost you £X or a printed catalogue will cost £Y.
Websites depend on pages, technology used, levels of security etc. Printed work is dependent on size, number of pages, quantity of finished items, stock it is printed on etc.

As stated on our main page, we do not sit in an expensive office but we are the same people that once did. Our overheads are lower but our skills are just as high.

We will speak to you about what you need, advise where appropriate and follow-up with a quote at no cost to you and with no obligation.

Deals and special offers

There are some ways to make a good deal even better. Occasionally we will do special offers. Keep checking back to see if we have added new deals.


If you have a number of repeat jobs that need to be done we can arrange a monthly fixed fee retainer (on a six-monthly or annual contract).
All work (up to a set amount to be agreed) will be covered by this fee. This would generally be more cost-effective than invoicing for separate jobs. The retainer can be applied to print or web jobs. Examples would include regular printed leaflets or brochures to templates (either supplied or created by creatopia at an extra cost), or updates to a web site.
Prices will vary.

Full set

A special price deal for corporate ID design, corporate stationery (business card and letterhead) and a static web site.
Again, this will work out more cost-effective than individual ordering. Contact me for a quotation.

Exchange of labour

Occasionally we may do work in exchange for a trade or skill. If you make something we might be interested in - a 3d printer for example, and needed some business cards or a web site we could agree a product as partial payment, or vice versa. This is not a common scenario but can arise occasionally. Try us.

Get in contact

The easiest way to find out how much a job will be is to fill in the contact form on the main page. We will get back to you within 24 hours, often within one hour.

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