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We have experts in many fields

We at creatopia have backgrounds in many different industries. No matter what your business deals in we will be happy to give you what you need but there are a few industries we have more in-depth knowledge of...


One of our designers spent six years working for the leading manufacturer of single-use breathing systems. He designed a wide range of items from industry-leading product brochures and exhibition stand panels to packaging artwork and product labels.
Part of his job was the creation of product illustrations both for sales and instructional uses.


creatopia is a company of gamers. Many have grown up alongside computer gaming itself - From early consoles and wasting hours in arcades right through to modern high end PC gaming.
Our video production expert has spent years building relationships with many game companies and developers, both triple A and independent, and is regularly found wandering the halls at conventions. Often he will be speaking at a panel there too. He has presented panels at PAXeast in Boston, Minecon in Florida, Insomnia in Coventry and has even attended a couple of 'Boston Indy' meetings - monthly meet-ups for local independent game makers held at MIT.


For part of his career our technical illustrator worked for a high-street name who produced flat-pack furniture. As part of his job he would create the assembly instructions for the furniture based on his own blind build of prototype wardrobes, drawers and similar. He is a fan of flat-pack furniture and is on a crusade to irradicate the poor instructions many people associate with that product.

Blue-chip IT

Our Lead Designer/Illustrator spent several years working for a small technology start-up. Head-hunted to join them, he created their initial corporate identity and web site. Two years later the company had grown in staff ten-fold and he was in charge of not only maintaining the identity of the company but also creating the artwork used in the bespoke manuals that accompanied the $1million+ server racks produced by them.

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